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Get Hired Through Skype Interviews

By Amber Grove

Ever since Skype was introduced into the market, more and more innovative ways have been introduced to utilize them. Marketers have been using Skype ads for their products for a while now, and now Skype has replaced phone interviewing altogether in most parts of the world. Skype interviews have many advantages. You need not travel to your employer’s organization, will have a reference to look through when asked about your previous employments and generally be more relaxed in the interview. However, there are several factors that must be considered as you sit through a Skype video call interview. Professionalism cannot be given up just because you have a video conference interview, as your every action is being scrutinized. Presentation plays a big part in the process of hiring individuals, thus you must give off as professional of an image as you can. Here are a few things to go through before you sit Businesswoman Wearing Headset at Computerfor a Skype interview:

Since you’re the first thing that will be noticed in a Skype interview, you must make sure you’re dressed for the part. Remain professional in the colors you wear, do not look scruffy and make sure you conduct yourself with the same stern professionalism that you would in a physical interview. Next, your background must be professional and calm, with no distractions or people going around behind you. Don’t take a video call interview in your bedroom, for example. Sit in a quiet, calm corner where there are no distractions like paintings, big decorations or any of your peers or family members in the background. Pets must be kept in check, you don’t want squawking or mewing or barking to be overheard by your employer. Another factor to be sure of is to keep the doors and windows closed, so no outside noise disrupts your interview. If you have a study room or even a library, have your interview conducted there.

Make sure there’s plenty of lighting in the room, as you want to keep eye contact with your employer and that may not be possible in a darkened room. As mentioned before, you must keep the windows closed but make sure you are seated near one where direct sunlight filters through the glass. This is because any overhead lighting will darken your face and give off an unprofessional look, but sunlight causes a natural effect.

Be dressed for the part, don’t give the interview in your pajamas for instance, or be wearing any accessories that would look out of place in a physical interview. One thing to make sure is to look at the camera lens, since you want the interviewee to think you have direct eye contact with them. Since this is as close as you can get to direct eye contact on a Skype interview, it is better to keep this in check.

Lastly, practice the interview with a friend or family member so you can test out your surroundings, outfit and lighting. If you really want the job, you must make sure you look the part since you cannot show off your eagerness without being physically present.

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